DVD193 ThunderGirls Theater 32

DVD193 ThunderGirls Theater 32

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Coming back from a long hiatus, here's some all-fresh Thunder with some all-new ThunderGirls!

Meet Jade, Zorra, Lakota and Hannah, some of the loveliest ladies to go flesh-to-flesh in bikini-clad action. Wild themes too, and we think you'll enjoy the amateur styles these girls bring to the ThunderGirls Ring. Included are:

OUTTAKES: No, not bloopers, as Zorra and Lakota show us 5 different ways to knock an opponent OUT! Features Sleeper, Choke Out, Hand Smother, Breast Smother, and what Lakota calls her KTC or Knee To the Carotid!

GLAMSLAM: A  short excursion into the realm of models-who-wrestle, and we have to admit, Zorra and Lakota did a pretty good job! It ends with one gal nearly choked senseless, and her opponent applies a crude school boy pin for good measure.

FIRE IN THE HOLD:  In their first ThunderGirls match, Jade and Hannah have a bizarre "tough enough" compeition, where nearly the complete focus of the match is on the, uh... CROTCH and they just keep going after each other until one girl has had ENOUGH of her grab-happy opponent and begs for mercy - but that mercy isn't coming until she BEGS to be knocked out, and the winner happily obliges, putting the spirited loser out with a sleeper hold.

LETHAL LINGERIE: Pretending their luggage was lost by the airline, Hannah and Jade come into the ring and strip right down to their underwear for a best 2 out of 3 fall School-Boy Pins match.

LAST DANCE:  What's LOVE got to do with it? Well, for Hannah, it's everything! Hannah portrays the heartbroken lover, anxious to get back with Jade. Jade can only offer a going away gift, a final wrestling match with her ex, "for old time's sake." But Hannah thinks the physical contact will rekindle Jade's feelings for her. What follows is more making out than mayhem! Not a lot of wrestling, but a great kissing finale!

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