DVD192 Mayhem a Trois

DVD192 Mayhem a Trois

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Bobcat vs Roni Jonah

Two outrageous girls in three great battles!

ALMOST GOT HER: We've welcomed a lot of former wrestling champs into the Thundergirls ring, but this may be the FIRST time we've had the honor to have a former WWF Hardcore Champion! Bobcat graces us with her skills and charm and her opponent is none other than the "Rockstar" Roni Jonah! It's a pins only match, and the girls sure do put a lot of energy into trying to put some pretty shoulders to the mat.

ROCK HER OUT: Don't let the pastel colors fool you, these aren't Easter bunnies, they're battling beauties! The order of the day is SLEEPER SUBMISSIONS, and the girls apply oriental techniques we've never seen before... but they DO seem to work! It's the best 2 out of 3 falls... okay, KNOCKOUTS, and believe us when we say these girls ROCK!

THE THIGHS HAVE IT: Powerhouse beauties Roni Jonah and Bobcat are at it again, and this time it's a test of thighs-vs-thighs as they try to squeeze a submission out of each other in this one fall bout.

About 47 Minutes

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