DVD187 Brandi's Beatdown

DVD187 Brandi's Beatdown

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Pro wrestler Brandi Alexander just didn't know what to do about the newcomer Becca. First the redhead caused the sultry brunette grief as a referee during a match with rival Lexie Fyfe. Then she and her partner Lee got double-teamed relentlessly in a match that Brandi herself set up.

It had to come down to one thing... a singles match against Becca. With no referee to intervene and no tag-team partner to interfere, Brandi was delighted that she would finally put a hurting on the "Rowdy Redhead." Brandi didn't figure on a certain wildcard. Lexie was also there, preparing for another match... and she was watching the bout with Brandi and Becca. After all, Lexie had spent time training Becca, and she wanted to see just how much her student would retain taking on the skills of a veteran wrestler such as Brandi.

Becca had her moments, but when things started going south for the redhead, Lexie rushed in to protect her protege. Then things started going south for Brandi... in a BIG way. Becca can brawl with the best of them. And when it came time to teach Brandi a lesson, Becca had no problem teaming up with Lexie to give Brandi a working over that might actually shut up the brunette beauty.

Brandi has a better than even chance against any ONE opponent - but against TWO?

NTSC DVD Video • About 30 Minutes

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