DVD186 Tag Team Terrors

DVD186 Tag Team Terrors

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Prior to this match Leilani Kai faced Brandi Alexander and Lexie Fyfe in what was supposed to be a 3-way elimination, but ultimately became a handicap match. Furious at being double teamed, Leilani challenged the cocky duo to a tag-team match, wherein Leilani would have a partner watching her back.

In this 2 out of 3 fall event, Leilani brings in our own Becca as her tag partner. Becca has had run-ins with both Brandi and Lexie, and while Becca isn't Leilani's #1 fan after her outrageous brutalizing of Lee (CT18 Fade to Black), she nonetheless welcomes a chance to partner with tough Leilani as she once again gets a chance to even some scores with Brandi and Lexie.

Brandi and Lexie haven't forgotten how to double-team Leilani, but Becca makes things a little harder for them, even though the Rowdy Redhead takes a bit of double-teaming from her opponents in the process.

As you might suspect, a bout like this with no ref just isn't made for pinfall victories - these girls want to hear a verbal surrender, and that's just what happens in all three falls of this exciting tag-team event our little ring almost couldn't contain.

NTSC DVD Video • About 30 Minutes

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