DVD183 Battling Blondes

DVD183 Battling Blondes

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You can't help but notice a lingering rivalry between her and Lee; perhaps Lee sees Diana as a threat to her "throne," and Diana knows Lee has a dedicated fan following. But whatever the reason, these two gals in the ring together spell ELECTRICITY, and the sparks definitely fly in this 2 out of 3 match filled with pro (and NOT so pro) action.

Diana comes out strong in the first fall, attacking Lee before the opening bell, and not giving little Lee a chance to catch her breath. But Lee comes back strong, and gives Diana a few things to think about... and feel in the morning!

At the end of the second fall, it's tied-all, and both girls enter the third fall knowing it's "all or nothing." A brutal ending leaves one girl unconscious, her tormentor straddling her, patiently pounding her fist into her palm, waiting for the unconscious blonde to come to...

About 30 Minutes

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