DVD180 No Quarter Given

DVD180 No Quarter Given

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Tag-team action is always hard to film, but there was no room to run or hide back in the days of our old ring. Here we have an outstanding battle featuring four fabulous ladies in two terrific teams.

Dressed in ethereal silver are the stunning beauties BRANDI ALEXANDER and her tag team partner BECCA. Their opponents, appropriately dressed in liquid black are tough and tougher LEXIE FYFE and KAT. Kat and Lexie attack our silver sirens before the match could start, setting the pace for how the rest of the match will pan out.

It is truly breathtaking watching this battle, a best two out of three fall event where it's more than obvious these girls will give no quarter, show no mercy in their focused fury. One pair of team mates squabble to the point that one of them leaves her partner high and dry in the final fall.

The falls end with a figure-four leglock, a boston crab, and a back-breaker, with the wrestler suffering at the hands of BOTH her opponents while her partner just looks on.

About 32 Minutes

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