DVD179 Payback

DVD179 Payback

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Becca has taken the victory over many of their wrestling encounters, but "sting like a bee" Lee has championed their boxing matches. Becca wants this to change. The Rowdy Redhead challenges the little blonde once more, and while amazed that her big rival wants another beating, Lee accepts.

Decked out in her scandalous red bikini, Lee faces Becca, who chooses a two-piece black fighting outfit. The suit-up is completed with black and red gloves, and the girls are barefoot.

Lee comes out of her corner ready to fight, but Becca waves her off long enough to tell her she wants to give the blonde one "free" shot. Lee is suspicious, but gladly takes the first shot into Becca's gut. But Lee is taken back to find that Becca wants a turn as well, and Lee doesn't realize Becca thinks a low blow is an excellent way to start teaching her a lesson...

Becca warns us up front that she has no intentions of following any rules, and follows that warning up with low blows and a lethal beating on the ropes that takes the young blonde half of their scheduled 8 round bout to recover.

But recover she does, and once again the big redhead is suffering the stinging blows from the blonde's black gloves. It's soon "tit for tat" as the pair take turns pummeling each other, and before it's over both girls throw the rule book out the window, landing breast shots and low blows to achieve the victory.

At the end, one girl is stunned and hung on the ropes one last time, suffering a series of blows up and down her body, including several painful and humiliating knees hard into the groin. Even with her rival knocked out, the cruel winner straddles her opponent and counts the final "10" out with her glove on the loser's head.

About 32 Minutes

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