DVD148 A Bad Day for Lee

DVD148 A Bad Day for Lee

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A number of people have requested we offer this classic on DVD... better late than never!

Lexie Fyfe & Becca vs Brandi Alexander & Luscious Lee

Brandi Alexander was NOT impressed with Becca's skills as a referee from a previous match, and challenged both Becca and Lexie Fyfe to a tag team match. She told them her choice of partners would be a surprise to them... and she was right. Brandi called upon our own Luscious Lee to partner with her - not for Lee's skills as a wrestler, but out of her own cockiness that she just needed someone to "watch her back" so she could dish out the punishment she so desperately wanted to inflict on Becca.
Neither Becca or Lexie were impressed, and proceeded to double team both Lee and Brandi throughout the match. "Team Brandi" developed so much bitterness that when this terribly one-sided match was over, Brandi challenged Lee to a spontaneous I QUIT match, which the young blonde accepted... but shouldn't have. Before it's over all THREE girls are working Lee over, which ends in yet one MORE challenge for Becca, and this time? It's "personal."

This match runs about 45 minutes... the girls just WOULDN'T stop the punishment...


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