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Sensational Six

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UPDATED 12-31-09:

We've got inserts and cases for only 10 more "Sensational Six" offers, after that, well... if you haven't ordered Sensational Six before, OR if you haven't ordered one within the last six months AND you're not a known reseller (purchased and then resold individually through ebay, etc) then you're still eligible to buy!

No other coupon or sale pricing on this special!

What is "Sensational Six?"

Our Sensational Six offer allows you your choice of ANY six DVDs from 001 through 130 for only $99.95 (plus shipping).

Conditions? A few:

• Make your selection from DVD001 through DVD150.
                Sorry, DVDs 151 and higher do not qualify; nor does DVD 140

• The Sensation Six is shipped in a SINGLE multi-case that holds all SIX DVDs. Colorful insert as seen is included.

• Add your selections to your catalog as normal, be sure to add this item to your shopping cart as well, so that we know you're taking advantage of our Sensational Six selection. OR click the BUY button for Sensational Six and include our DVD stock # in your order comments or in a separate email.

• Shipping charge of $5.00 will apply to domestic orders, for other countries, please contact us for shipping estimate.

• Your catalog total will show the full amount, but since we process orders offline, you will ONLY be charged the Sensational Six price of $99.95 plus shipping. (Or if you prefer, you can just add Sensational Six to your catalog and email us your selections)

• This offer may be withdrawn at ANY time and is limited to one per customer!

Do the math... this is less than $17 per DVD! This could be the best deal for womens' wrestling anywhere!

Have you wanted ThunderGirls in your life? Well they're waiting for you at an incredible price!


Product Code: SEN927


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