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DVD133 Trial & Error

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You're about to go back in time, visiting 18-year old DIANA, as she gets her first taste of what it's like to go up against BECCA! The Rowdy Redhead is an excellent teacher, assuming a student can survive the classes!

Becca gives the teenager two matches, in part one she'll give her an opponent's perspective of pro wrestling techniques, and in part two, she'll show her just how brutal a match can get!

Part one ends with a bulldog stunner making a gal easy prey for a pin. Diana continues to take a lot of abuse in part two, and it seems like Becca may not be able to get a submission out of the blonde! A seated abdominal stretch, belly claw... what's it going to take to make Diana give up?

Bonus Matches:
"HI, MOM!" with Diana taking on Brandi Alexander in our only blooper clip!
"DIANA'S DEMO" with Diana taking on Becca for the very first time!

NTSC DVD • About 45 Minutes

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