FAQ (Or, information that may satisfy some of those questions you've been asking!)

As we find ourselves answering quite a number of the same questions being emailed to us these days, it seems appropriate that we bring back our frequently asked questions section. We hope you will find the answers to your burning questions here, but if you don't, by all means send your query to admin@thundergirls.com. Some of the information here is stated quite firmly. We mean no offense, just had a few dealings with some really hard-headed people, so for the purpose of clarity (and our sanity!) our policies are intended to negate argument. so let's begin!

There is rarely a hard and fast schedule for Thundergirls releases. So it's not fair of us to give you a date, even tentative, and risk disappointing you. But if you want to be kept posted on Thundergirls products and major happenings, just join our mailing list. Look for the "Mailing List" box right here on this site, enter your email address and you're done!

NO. We acquired a few from Queens of Chaos, but we don't sponsor or promote them.

We get a LOT of emails about this. Apparently some fans don't think the girls should wear hose or boots in the ring, they want bare-legs, bare feet. Well in truth we understand, but for reasons of modesty and safety, most of the matches you'll see in our catalog have the girls in hose and boots. This is a choice made by the girls, and while we encourage them to wear traditional wrestling gear, we do not dictate to the ladies their legwear. They're wrestlers, not chorus girls. Our product is about exciting wrestling action, and that's what we try to bring you. If bare legs and bare feet are what you are looking for, you will no doubt find many other companies who are happy to meet your needs.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: PIN! & Ink does NOT sponsor private matches. We have no arguments against other companies or individuals doing it. But we don't, and won't ever offer our girls for this service. Don't be offended if we don't respond to questions about this... it's asked and answered, PERIOD.

Unless posted otherwise, sorry, NO. We believe our materials are the most reasonably priced for our market already. Hope you agree!

WHICH MATCHES HAVE (fill in the blank)
We are resistant to recommending tapes based on special interests (l"ow blows," tied in the ropes, special leg holds, etc). Unless it is clearly obvious to the contrary, our matches are developed to appeal to a broad base of wrestling fans. We try to minimize "hype" in our ad copy for that reason as well. And due to the number of products and matches we've produced, it's virtually impossible for us to answer those questions without watching the video anew, something we truly don't have the time for. Sorry!

With regrets, we don't have the time to manage our business on the phone. We usually respond to emails within a few hours, a couple of days at most.


Our online catalog is the most reliable method of ordering. Our shopping cart is hosted on a SSL secure server so your credit card information is SAFE.

Sure! Use this very same catalog, when you're ready to checkout you can (and SHOULD) create a page containing all the items you've ordered and your shipping information. Checks and money orders should be made out to PIN! & INK.

Send cash at YOUR OWN RISK!

Our mailing address:

PO Box 923
Moravian Falls NC 28654-0923 USA

And PLEASE don't forget shipping, write us about your order and we'll tell you exactly how much.

We reserve the right to allow checks to clear before shipping merchandise, especially for new customers, large orders, or checks numbered below 500.

Yes, we accept PAYPAL orders. Email us your order (from the email addressed linked to your PAYPAL account) and we'll calculate shipping then send you a PAYPAL money request. PAYPAL allows you to use your checking account, debit card, as well as VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards.

Not at ThunderGirls.

Okay, this really doesn't happen much, maybe TWICE in our entire 10 plus years in business, but here's the thing. We won't KNOWINGLY ship you the same item twice. Bad for business. But YOU are responsible for knowing what you're ordering and keeping up with what you've already ordered. For all we know, you've sold your tape/DVD on ebay, or the dog ate it, or you gave it away, or your girlfriend tossed it in the hot tub, so you need another copy. Your responsiblity, understand?

Since they are reproducible in nature all video products (including sponsored matches) are Final Sale items and thus non-returnable. Videos with technical problems (picture/sound trouble) will be replaced for the same title.

If you want to be notified of news from BattlingBeauties, you can join the mailing list right on this website. Look for the "Mailing List" box, enter your email and you're done!

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